Monday, May 30, 2011


"Memorial Day" Oil 5x7

Although this view greets me every morning, bringing me much joy throughout the day, I have to say I have neglected its potential as a painting subject.  This magnolia and its accompanying bronzes gives me a tremendous amount of pleasure, especially during full bloom.   
Recently, I have made an effort to catch up on friends' blogs and websites, and, in the process, I have re-acquainted myself with Carol Marine and her Daily Paintworks website. On the site, she, or other featured artist, posts a painting "challenge". If you are unfamiliar with it, I strongly suggest you check it out:
This week's challenge, posted by artist Ann Feldman, challenges the artist to look outside for inspiration, and then to go out and enjoy it!  This view from my studio doors is one I enjoy daily, with today being no exception!  Thanks for the inspiration Ann.  :)


Barbara Pask said...

What a wonderful view and an excellent painting. Are these guys out in front?

Debra Bryant said...

Thanks Barb! Yes, I have different ones in the back garden. I just love seeing these every day. :)

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