Saturday, July 9, 2011


"Cast Away" 6X8 Oil

With all my usual hectic schedule, I have managed to squeeze in some painting time. I played with a palette knife again for a couple of days, and "Cast Away" is one of the paintings from that little diversion from my normal routine...not that I even have a normal routine anymore!
I am having a busy time of it, trying to get my first newsletter published, and learning the ins and outs of other marketing strategies. This certainly isn't for wimps!
I expect to get my FIRST newsletter out this week, and this little painting will be a give-away to be randomly drawn from those who sign up to receive my newsletter by Tuesday at midnight. Since I already have a dedicated email list, I am offering another small painting to one person from that list well. I don't want to deprive any of those wonderful friends and supporters, whose loyalty I value greatly. is the painting for that random drawing!

"New Day" 5X7 Oil

SIGN UP AND GOOD LUCK! Winners will be published in my first newsletter!


Barbara Pask said...

Me! Me! Me! hehe I assume I am signed up because I received this post, if not I want to be. I love this tulip painting and your palette knife painting is wonderful, so interesting.

Debra Bryant said...

Thanks Barb! Yes, you are subscribed, so good luck! Yeah, I love both of these too! Mike had better bury me with a paint brush in my hand! Oh, and a smudge of pthalo

Mike said...

I want them both, but alas I can't have them. Maybe I will win them, lol

Debra Bryant said...

You could only win are already signed up! Great profile pic btw. :)

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