Sunday, January 20, 2013


"Patience"  Original oil painting  Unframed  6" X 6"

I love painting animals!  When I first picked up a brush, my strongest desire for my art was to become a wildlife artist.  Landscapes were in there somewhere, but wildlife was my "first love" in painting.  I worked at all kinds of animals in that first year, mostly big jungle cats and African wildlife.  Their postures and their eyes really enchanted me.

One year later, under duress, I took a portrait workshop with Frank Covino.  Seven workshops later, I could not, and still cannot get enough of portraits.  I seem to have been blind-sided and have not been able to shake the love of a face.   However, faces on animals still count!

1 comment:

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

Beautiful kitty - you did a great job on it. I had to laugh when I noticed my raven is right beside your painting, and it looks like the raven is going to attack your kitty :)

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