Friday, January 2, 2015


"Early Light", original oil painting, unframed, 6" X 6"

Dawn in the country is always a sight to behold!  I grew up in rural Kentucky and really savor my opportunities to go back to those rolling farmlands, no matter the season.

We don't get much "Winter" in Florida, so I expect to paint a couple of snowy scenes during this challenge.  Stubby, snowy fields are fun as well as challenging.  The ruts and uneven ground left after the harvest make the ground undulate in weird and beautiful ways.  

I work with brushes and/or palette knife, depending on what I want from the medium.  Slathering on paint in some areas and brushing others helps to define the center of interest, achieving both energetic and calm areas.


Joan Tavolott said...

Love the colors in your snow! Nicely done!!

Anonymous said...

Hello again
I loved your first piece in the #jan30in30 of the eggs and now scrolling I love the feel in this one and here you are again. How fun
peace n abundance. I'm number 512 today

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