Sunday, June 13, 2010


This is Sophia, 11X14 oil on panel.  She is a lovely little angel cherished by her Daddy, Wilson.  Last week I painted her with the intention of putting her photo and painting, sort of a "before and after," for an advertisement on my portrait commissions.  She will be the first in a series of print ads in the local Monthly Savings Magazine, whose circulation reaches all of Brandon, Valrico, Lithia and Bloomingdale areas, approximately 150,000 homes.  Now is the time to put ideas of Christmas commissions out there!  I am excited to have this marketing opportunity and look forward to a long and strong relationship with the magazine's publisher.  Thanks Wilson!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


"A Father's Love" 11X14 Oil on panel.

Portraits are usually my preferred subject for paintings, and paintings as gifts are no exception. When considering a gift for a friend of my family, naturally, a portrait seemed the ideal. But this is a special friend, my Priest, Father Carlos Rojas. It was obvious that a painting for him had to touch his soul, as he strives to do the same for his congregation. In the past year my family created for him a special chapel in the rectory, and since we have known him and worked with him for the past 6 years as friends, photographers, artists, and Sacristans, we felt we knew him pretty well. His family means so much to him, so there were choices to consider....his mother...his of his four sisters...all possibilities.

I chose for my subject a photograph his mother has allowed me to use of his father and his sister. The photo captured a very personal, joyful moment which I found exquisitely beautiful and profoundly moving; I thought it might do the same for him as a painting. Thus, my choice was made.

Upon completion, I hung the painting at The ART Lounge Gallery, where he is a co-op artist member, and where we were having a farewell party for him last Friday night. He has been reassigned to another Parish, and will be leaving us at the end of June. I have to was the first time I have found him speechless, but for a few long seconds, upon "discovering" the painting hanging on the wall, he could only point at it. I believe I hit the mark! Thank you Father Carlos, for the pleasure of working with you in the past and into the future...

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