Thursday, September 8, 2016


Dressed to Kill  Original oil painting  6" X 6"

During this month's challenge, I have been combining Leslie Saeta's "30 Paintings in 30 Days" with Daily Paintworks challenges.  I have to say, a lot of these have been very difficult fits for subjects I enjoy painting.  So, I have been seeking unique ways to depict them...ways that are appealing to me and keep me inspired.

This painting is inspired by "The Skulls and Skeletons" challenge posted on Oct. 19, 3014 by Christine E. S. Code.  I thought it would be fun to dress my skeleton and pose her smoking.  She is "Dressed to Kill" and enjoying the party!  If I had painted a larger piece, she would hold a margarita in her other hand!

I enjoyed playing with color in her skull!  Again, there is a bit of glare in the dark wet paint.  

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


"American Pie"  Original oil painting  6" X 6"
Donated to "Cards for Troops" fundraiser held in Oct. at Center Place Fine Art & Civic Assn.

I am always picking up vintage dishes and cookware for painting props.  I have used this lovely glass pie plate with its greenish tint numerous times in the past few years, in painting and in baking.  I admit my pie crusts are not as beautiful as my Mother's, nor as flaky and tasty, but nevertheless, the pies always get eaten!

This painting was based on Daily Paintworks "The Old Glory Challenge" issued by Susan Pachiello, dated Nov. 14, 2015.  For most of my challenge pieces, I try to create something a little "out of the box."  I find I enjoy them more and I hope you do also.  

Flags are lovely, of course, can EAT PIE!!!  :)  

Saturday, September 3, 2016


"Lord of Summer"  Original oil painting, 6" X 6"
For purchase information go to my Daily Painting Gallery HERE

"Lord of Summer" is my offering for day #4 of Leslie Byrd Saeta's "30 Paintings in 30 Days" challenge.

One of my favorite subjects, and one which sells well for me is roosters.  I have sold out my entire supply of these bad boys this Summer, so I am taking advantage of an older challenge on the Daily Paintworks website to create a new colorful fellow.  

You may recall that I am combining two challenges in this month.  I am thrilled to have found a good fit for my rooster among Carol Marine's "The Critter Challenge" from May 23, 2015.  

Check out the both these challenges and join in the fun!

Sunday, January 25, 2015


"Party Girl", original oil painting, 6" X 6", unframed
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"Winter Blues", original oil painting, 6" X 6", unframed
For purchase information, go to my daily painting website HERE

"Strawberry Cupcake", original oil painting, 6" X 6", unframed
For purchase information, go to my daily painting website HERE

Well, color me all caught up!  These three are my Days #23, #24 and #25, all three painted today to catch me up for the "30 Paintings in 30 Days" challenge.  Today has been a fun COLORFUL day and I have enjoyed playing "slap-dash" with my colors, brushes and palette knife!  Of course my palette may never be the same!

I even went to lunch at Ulele with paint on two of my fingers because I forgot to do a check before leaving the studio.  Oh well, such is an artist's life, right?  Believe me when I tell you the Gouda Grouper didn't even know about the pthalo blue!  Psssst.........lunch was AWESOME!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


"Daydreamin'", original oil painting, 6" x 6", unframed
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I am always watching kids when I am out and about.  Once I was almost accused of stalking because I was taking lots of photos of kids playing on the beach at Clearwater!  The mom accosted me and wanted to know why I was taking photos of HER child.  I explained that I take photos of MANY children and women for reference for paintings.....that I do not paint strictly from the photo, but sometimes just use postures or light effects.  She was not swayed and asked me to delete her child's photo.  THAT was a first!  I produced my copy of photographer's rights (always kept in my camera bag), explaining that any public place is fair game for photographers, but as a COURTESY, I would delete her child's photo.

This is NOT that  I took this photo at another public event...the Florida Strawberry Festival in Plant City.  That event is coming up soon and I always load up on my people references there.  :)

Btw, I am still one day behind in the "30 in 30" challenge.  ;)  Don't worry, I will catch up.  I just had too much fun with this one!
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