Sunday, August 28, 2011

Putting August to Bed...

"Beaux Set Free" Oil 23.5 X 27.5
As many of you know, I have nearly been consumed for the past two months with renovating and tweaking Beaux Arts Gallery with the help of my family and friends. We just breezed by our second Thursday Nights LIVE! with a great turn-out, two fabulous guest artists, and so much fun, it spilled out into the street! I wish all my online friends could be there with us for these events.

The carousel which we will assist the children in renovating, has been on our minds a lot. We pulled "Beaux" out of the mix first, featuring him last Thursday, along with a Carnival theme. He will be on display in the gallery for the month of September. His photo is posted on my Facebook page HERE.

Since we are not restoring him, I decided I would paint him in his glory days for this exhibit. is "Beaux Set Free", no carousel, no pole, just the wind and sky and dreams from now on for this hard-working beauty!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Know what we are thinking about at EHAG? You got it.....STRAWBERRIES! Our new committee is in the process of making much needed changes to the prospectus for entry into the Florida Strawberry Festival Fine Art Show, sponsored!
We are excited to announce the changes soon to the public and begin the process of publicizing so YOU can get excited too. We have modified rules, defined classifications AND increased the monetary awards for the show! Yep, thought that would excite you. For complete information watch for an update here.

Meanwhile.......think ART and STRAWBERRIES!
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