Sunday, June 24, 2012


"More Snow Coming"  OIL  8X10
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It's Summertime already! Winters and Spring in Florida seem to be such busy times for me, with Small Works, Strawberry Festival, Winthrop Arts Festival and holidays all thrown in together. Escape to parts unknown seemed to be the relief I needed. Nearly 8,000 miles later, here I am, back and eager to give myself something I have promised for two years...LANDSCAPES. I have painted very few landscapes in the last few years, so I am looking forward to re-acquainting myself with all I learned before as well as studying new techniques and honing my skills.  This IS my year of landscapes, study and studies.  

This is my 4th in a series of studies I have recently painted in pursuit of that goal. Value planes were the main focus of this scene. After working on these few, I believe that 11X14's or larger may be better for my process, so I will be sizing up for my next paintings.  Larger will allow me a freedom of brush strokes that I can't get from these smaller studies. 
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