Monday, December 19, 2011

The Moon Project


Between preparing for Beaux Arts Gallery's 1st Annual Small Works Show, daily painting, holidays and other prior commitments, I have been excitedly working on what I call "the Moon project". This is a public art project in collaboration with metal sculpture artist Robert Woods.

The piece pictured here is the first of 6 moon phase tables which Rob created and I am painting. These 6 pieces will be installed around a 30ft. high helix sculpture, also created by Rob, becoming the main focus of a new courtyard entrance at Hillsbourough Community College in Brandon.

This is my first public art experience, and I met with the gentleman in charge of this project this week. He assures me that he is delighted with the first two finished pieces, which have already been delivered. He projects the ribbon cutting for sometime in March.

Meanwhile, there is Beaux Arts Gallery and dailypaintworks!

1 comment:

Maria Bennett Hock said...

Such an exciting project. Can't wait to see it installed!

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