Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 11-17 in Paint

Maya at the Park Oil 11X14 NFS
Last week my family took the opportunity to visit a well loved county park in the area and we all enjoyed the dappled shade and sand hills at the outskirts of the park. This is Maya from one of the photos I took while there. It captures her joy of nature. From the time she was small, our large backyard was her domain and we are happy to see that has not changed.

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I have always enjoyed finding the "cast aside" items and making something beautiful of them. Old trucks and cars are great for this and I just loved how the rust played against the brighter blues of this old truck, and how the flat tires just made it feel restful.

Puebla Oil 8X10 *SOLD*
I can't remember where I got this photo.....I only have thousands thanks to the digital age! It could be a wet canvas reference, and it could be one Mike took when he went on a trip to Texas, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado a few years ago. I thought the intense blues and oranges played so well off each other and I pumped up the intensity even more.

Ribbons and Lace Oil 8X10
Mike snapped this photo at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Festival held December 12th here at the Plant City Stadium each year. She was preparing for her turn with a group of children performing folkloric dance for the crowd. These children work for months perfecting their steps and timing and do a fantastic job. It was nice to catch her in a quiet moment.

Fields of Gold Oil 8X10 *SOLD*
Sunday afternoon several of the co-op artists met at the gallery for some fellowship and painting. Working within a group on various subjects and media is something we find inspiring and pleasant. Since we all work different schedules, it is nice to get together and enjoy each other's companionship, techniques and inspirations.

It's all in the Attitude! Oil 11x23

I started this painting on Ustream: but finished it up at The ART Lounge Gallery on Friday while I was there....gotta paint when I can, and the gallery day affords me the opportunity to paint in full view of the public, right in our front window. I worked on this one because it has eye-catching color and it is a little larger than some of the pieces I paint there.

Gossip Girls Oil 11X11

This amusing swan group is a study for a larger painting that I plan to do soon. I wanted to work out the placement, values and color choices before beginning the 38X38 piece. Gossip Girls stands alone as a finished painting, but the smaller scale allowed me more freedom to play with light and shadows as well.

It has been a crazy week! With the Student Scholarship Workshop on Monday, class on Tuesday, Private lesson on Wednesday and Friday, Gallery Hosting on Friday, Classic Car Show on Saturday......I think I need a nap! Still, I managed to record demonstrations for four new paintings, and completed three more......all this week!
Whew! Another week down! Then it begins again..........ain't life GRAND!



Love your style and the diversity of your subjects
Gossip Girls is so creative
would love to the larger painting
thanks for sharing

Barbara Pask said...

Hi Debra, I missed a couple of these, old trucks and cars seem to be a popular subject right now. The top one of Maya is my favorite, just love all the colors in her face. Love that you are streaming now, you are so good at it explaining as you go.

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