Saturday, July 10, 2010

July 4-10 in Paint

Summer Series "Shell" Oil 4X4
This is a fun time for being alive... family,Summer sun, good friends and paint! I couldn't even try to get away from painting if I tried... I have one more little shell painting for the Summer Series for The ART Lounge Gallery, and I have completed four others.

"Jennifer" Oil 16X20
Jennifer is my niece who lives in Georgia, and I begged her to let me paint her Facebook profile picture. She is such a beautiful young woman and the pose was striking. I painted this online as a demonstration on ustream: If you go to the site and scroll through the archived video's there, you can view the sessions. Painting on Ustream is pretty new to me and I am still trying to work out the kinks of the camera functions and placement, and I am enjoying it. The difficult part is to speak as if someone was watching the demonstration, whether they are or not!

"Prayerful" Oil 11X14 *SOLD*
I wanted to try a different technique with my painting of the Dalai Lama, called "Prayerful". In it, I used a mottled foil leafing to enhance this painting. Gold leaf, although beautiful, would not have had the same effect which I wanted to achieve, which was of an indistinct patina on the disc behind the monk. The little wisp of smoke from an incense burner was an afterthought, and was devised to break up the empty space to the left. I was happy with the loose painting technique and the atmosphere, combined with the gilding.

"Meditating" Oil 12X16

I have worked on a few pieces lately with the spa, yoga, zen thing in mind. One of the pieces is a yoga pose, borrowed from a friend. It had an interesting negative space, and I really played up the light and color factors, so, although it has a serenity to it, it is still very vibrant and energetic.

"Family Reunion" Oil 8X10

"ART After Dark" at The ART Lounge Gallery is tonight and every second Saturday. If you are in the area, join us for wine and light refreshments and view the newest artwork on the walls of the gallery. We are located at 119 E. Reynolds Street in Plant City, Fl. and the open house reception is held from 6-10pm. I have hung 20 new paintings this month! Come by and have a look!

"Artichoke" Oil 8X10

Next week I will begin the Student Scholarship Workshop at the gallery, instructing 4 area high school students in a four week class on oil painting. I am very excited to be teaching this class, and look forward to meeting these young artists and offering them instruction and encouragement on their future careers... Exciting!


Barbara Pask said...

All beautiful works Debra, so nice you are broadcasting on ustream now. You are a wonderful teacher explaining your process as you go.

Debra Bryant said...

Thanks Barb! It is not quite as stressful as I had imagined, and I am enjoying it so much!

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