Monday, July 18, 2011


"Nude Rear View" (after Unknown artist) Oil 16X20
Donated to charity auction

We are moving ahead full steam, with renovations at Beaux Arts Gallery in Winthrop Town Centre. We have a telephone number now! Our opening is on July 28th, kicking off with Thursday Nights LIVE! at 7pm. We have planned this as a monthly event for a public "Meet and Greet"....sort of a neighborhood block party. This is the first piece hung in the newly renovated gallery. I have always thought this was an elegant piece for a bathroom, so that is where I hung her! The photo is a little pixilated, so I will have to take another, I see.
She is an oil reproduction of a late 1800's or early 1900 piece whose original artist I do not know. She is strikingly lovely and was the subject of a class project I demo'd for my adult portrait class awhile back. They learned a lot from the verdaccio underpainting, and realized how much work it actually cut out by painting her twice, instead of alla prima.
I coveted her for myself for some time, and now her time has come to the bathroom.....LOL
I will post other work once I actually get time to paint......should be in a couple of weeks, but meanwhile I will share teasers.....ummmm photos of our progress. Ha!


Barbara Pask said...

Just beautiful Debra. She is looking the other way so everyone will have their privacy, lol.

Debra Bryant said...

Funny! I never thought of that, but you are soooo right! LOL

Charlotte Evans said...

Fabulous painting Debra---i Love it!

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