Friday, September 23, 2011


"Shadow Ballet" Oil 7X12
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I am having the MOST fun working with the wonderful people at Winthrop and enjoying Beaux Arts Gallery. After having been here for over three months, I have to say the "newness" has not worn off and I truly don't expect it ever will! There is so much going on that I could probably clone myself ten times and still not be able to accomplish all I would like with the "Dynamic Duo" who are visionaries.
Seriously, I am beginning to think artistically inclined people have an incurable sickness which is VERY CONTAGEOUS! The thing is...we feed off each other's energy, focus, and ideals, so it is an amazingly complex relationship, and yet simple, in that we only want to create beauty for beauty's sake. Simple, right?
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There are wonders to be unleashed at Winthrop, and, although they have been at it for over 5 years,for me, this is only the beginning!

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