Wednesday, September 7, 2016


"American Pie"  Original oil painting  6" X 6"
Donated to "Cards for Troops" fundraiser held in Oct. at Center Place Fine Art & Civic Assn.

I am always picking up vintage dishes and cookware for painting props.  I have used this lovely glass pie plate with its greenish tint numerous times in the past few years, in painting and in baking.  I admit my pie crusts are not as beautiful as my Mother's, nor as flaky and tasty, but nevertheless, the pies always get eaten!

This painting was based on Daily Paintworks "The Old Glory Challenge" issued by Susan Pachiello, dated Nov. 14, 2015.  For most of my challenge pieces, I try to create something a little "out of the box."  I find I enjoy them more and I hope you do also.  

Flags are lovely, of course, can EAT PIE!!!  :)  

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