Monday, May 24, 2010

Although the studio clean up is not TOTALLY what I want, I can't stand not painting any longer. I have ideas churning around in my head, and have got to start working with them. My intention is to begin a new piece, and work on some unfinished business..... Paintings which have been sitting around in the ugly stage need to be worked on and finished or tossed and begun again. That is always a tough decision for me. That is why I needed the time to clean up and develop a plan of action.
We had a yard sale recently and some of my studio clean-up included old painting props I no longer intend to use. You know how that goes.....get rid of it, then you plan a painting and that's the ONE element you need! Well, I will just have to live with that. I could no longer live with the clutter. Oh, I still have clutter, it's just more easily contained now.
Mike and I will probably head out one day this week for a photo op. You just can't have too many reference photos! One day soon I would like to do some still life set-ups outside on the patio. I think it will be a challenge to get the set-ups done in natural light. Previously, I have always set up my still lifes in a box arrangement with a spotlight on them. I want something fresher this time. I will just have to see how that works out and let you know.


Alice Robertson Bardstown, KY said...

Debra, the paintings you did of our three beautiful children is no complete. They are absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much for the time and love you put in each one. Your a wonderful person. Thanks again so much.

Alice Robertson

Debra Bryant said...

Thanks Alice! It is always a joy to paint children, and yours are all so beautiful. I wish you luck on finding the car for Shelby's photo shoot, and best wishes for speedy recovery for Logan.

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