Tuesday, January 15, 2013


"Antique White"  Original oil painting  Unframed  6" X 6"

Vintage and antique items have always held an appeal for me.  I love the history, the story of the pieces.  For many years I have scoured flea markets, yard sales and consignment shops, mostly browsing and wondering about the stories of each treasure that catches my eye.  If you are anything like me, you can spend hours just meandering among these cast off items..  Anyone who knows me, knows I don't decorate my house, I only store future still life "wannabe's".  Isn't that often the case with artists?  We were born to collect!

This week I had the good fortune to reconnect with a fellow artist who owns a vintage shop.  In our conversation, of course, we talked about art......no surprise!  In the end, she offered me the availability of the many items in her store from which I may "borrow" to paint and then return.  What a blessing that will be!  I won't discontinue my wanderings at yard sales, but I will feel much relieved that I will have ready access to any number of still life props.  This has been an exciting week!


Pattie Wall said...

Good for you - borrowing vintage items will give you lots to paint from here - forward! I really like your b and w work on this one and the other props make it sing with tradition!

Maria Randolph said...

Debra, I've enjoyed your art from the 30 in 30 Challenge. Beautiful!

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