Thursday, January 1, 2015


"Daybreak"  Original oil painting, 6" X 6" unframed

I thoroughly enjoy painting roosters and chickens and almost always paint one or two for this challenge.  This is from a photo reference I took in Kentucky at a friend's house when I stopped in unannounced and she was not home.  I gathered black walnuts from the trees lining the road to her drive, snapped some photos and went on my merry way.  :)

I love the vibrant colors and particularly the posture of these fowl.  That strutting walk and thrust out chest with tail feathers high just inspire me and I hope I never get tired of painting them!  Who can resist?  Not I!


SamDoum said...

Beautiful color, and beautiful light! Love this painting!

Joan Tavolott said...

Love your rooster!

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