Thursday, October 22, 2009

I am posting one little 4X4 oil painting and an 8X10 for the 50 Under $50 to be exhibited at the Grand Opening of The Art Lounge Gallery on Nov. 6th.  Most of today was taken up with email notifications for the Opening, creating a flyer and posters for distribution around town, creating a thumbnail listing of my 50 paintings, with price guide and, of course, a little bit of painting squeezed in.  I tweaked one that has been sitting here, nearly finished and the other was started last week and finished also today.  After counting, I realize that since Oct. 3rd (ONLY 20 days ago),when I realized this concept of 50 Under $50, I have painted 38 small paintings!  That is some achievement for me!  I feel safe to say, this CAN BE DONE on time.....possibly with time to spare!  I know this is pushing it, but there are two commissions I would like to finish for the Grand Opening as well.  Wish me luck!  Of course, I may have to sleep for a week afterward!  

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