Saturday, October 17, 2009

I am posting two paintings I finished today for the 50 Under $50 I am painting for the Grand Opening of The ART Lounge Gallery on Nov. 6.  You are getting sick of reading that, I know?  I think I could type it in my sleep.....which I probably am, come to think of it!  God's Country is 5X7 and Irish Lace is 8X14.  I completed another, but forgot to photograph it, so I will upload it tomorrow.  I began 3 more today, so I think I might have a chance at reaching my goal after all!  I still need time to paint two portraits for the same exhibit.  Hope that works out.  There is nothing like seeing a portrait of your loved one on public exhibit at a gallery.  Crossing my, I need them every second for painting!  Hope you enjoy these as much as I have.

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1 comment:

Barbara Pask said...

Wow Debra, you are creating some gorgeous paintings, you should feel proud.

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