Friday, October 16, 2009

Tonight I am sharing the two paintings I did today for the Grand Opening of The ART Lounge Gallery, being held on November 6th. (See Micki, I told you I was going to get them both done!)  They are both 8X8 and are part of the 50 Paintings Under $50, that will be on exhibit for that show.  That date will be here soon!
Painting every day is getting to be a habit I really enjoy!  There have been times when, for months on end it was difficult to work in the time.  It had always been, for me, all day or nothing.  I am finding it easier and easier to go right back to focus when some other task calls me away from the easel.  It is a thrilling discovery, since I had never understood how one could paint for 10 minutes or even 3 hours ONLY at a time.  What a sense of freedom it has given me.    

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