Monday, November 2, 2009

DONE!!!  The Grand Opening of The ART Lounge Gallery on Nov. 6 has 50 Paintings Under $50.....all from my easel.  What a draw!!!  I still have 3 larger paintings to finish, two more I want to get painted and postcards and notecards still to print.  I just might slide in under the wire with this...  I have got to say, setting myself a challenge to get 50 paintings done in such a short time (Oct. 2 - Nov. 2) has been an awesome experience.  We had the hanging tonight, and the little ones look so good grouped together on the wall......kinda think I need a blue light for the special!  Coasting from here on in, at any rate.  If the others don't get done, I will not be too upset...only a little bit.

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