Thursday, November 12, 2009

My verdaccio underpainting for daVinci's Lady with Ermine, soon to be exhibited in a show titled, "The Masters as Teachers".  Time seems to be ticking away this week, and I should be painting up storms here getting ready for my show at Center Place for the Arts, in Brandon, Fl., but my family has taken a blow from the passing of a dear friend, Jack, more of a brother, in so many ways, and so I am just going in circles.  I did manage some adrenalin work, cleaned out my frame stock, and trying to get the studio back to working condition, but I have lots of cooking to do for the luncheon tomorrow and I just am not motivated to organize.  So, I will kick into high gear again this coming week.  I want to get at least 7 new paintings done for that exhibition.  I am excited about it particularly because it will be seen by so many people throughout the bookings for the month of December.  Center Place hosts a lot of civic functions and private parties in the main ballroom where the paintings will be seen, with exhibits changing monthly. 

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Barbara Pask said...

Wow Debra, sounds like no rest for you. I LOVE your last post and this one looks amazing too. I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Keep that brush in your hand, it is good for the soul.

billspaintingmn said...

These paintings you've done by "The Masters"
stirs the imagination. I like them Debra!
My sympathies to you and your family, Jack
was fortunate to have you as a dear friend.
I agree with Barb! Keep that brush in you hand, be good to your soul.
Please take care Debra.

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