Saturday, November 21, 2009

This little 2X3 painting will be one of the Christmas Tree ornaments for the local business Christmas Tree Contest.  The ART Lounge Gallery will have a tree featuring miniature masterpieces, old and new, with our theme of "The ART of Christmas".  All our artists are painting small reproductions or original works for this competition.  There will be Degas, Dali, Bierstadt, Innes, Monet, and others.  One of our extremely talented artists, Bohdonna Blay, will be decorating with her Ukranian hand embellished eggs to round it out...a lot of tradition for the Holiday.  There is always something exciting going on with our artists and I am proud to be counted among them!

Windows 7: I wanted simpler, now it's simpler. I'm a rock star.

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