Monday, November 23, 2009

I am posting 2 miniatures for The ART Lounge Gallery's "The ART of Christmas" tree, which will be competing with 19 other local businesses in the Plant City Chamber of Commerce contest.  I decided to paint some masterpieces and some originals as my contribution.  Today I have Bierstadt and Degas.  Most of our artists are painting 2"X3" paintings to hang on the tree.  I am very excited to see what everyone comes up with.  Hopefully, with all the great art out there, there won't be any duplicates!  We have a pretty diverse group of fantastic artists!

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billspaintingmn said...

Your one busy gal Debra! These paintings are great!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Sandra_Spritzer said...

I love both of these. Your enthusiasm inspires me to paint.

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