Tuesday, November 17, 2009

WIP still of Bouguereau's "Portrait de Gabrielle Cot" that I worked on this afternoon.  The morning was taken with The ART Lounge Gallery updates, news, correspondence, phone calls and a class, so not much progress was made.  That's ok.  I like to start fresh in the early morning anyway, and hopefully I will finish Miss Gabrielle tomorrow!  There is hair and lace and final touches to the ear and face.  I do love Bouguereau, and reproducing his work is like a ballet or a symphony (be aware that I can neither dance, nor sing!).  There is a certain rhythm to his use of cool/warm in the flesh that I find so appealing, and it is becoming more familiar to me.  I deliberately left this larger than I normally do, so the colors will hopefully show to better advantage.

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