Saturday, February 9, 2013


"American Mother's Pride"

This is a larger piece I had been working on this week.  I completed him on Thursday night and he now hangs in the office of Florida Congressman Thomas J. Rooney.  They have given him a position of honor, in the foyer, next to the American Flag.  He is the beloved son of a high school friend, and both of them graciously allowed me to paint him for this exhibit.  I am both honored and grateful, and I thoroughly enjoyed painting Cody.

I will be working on a few larger paintings in the coming week and getting ready for the Florida Strawberry Festival Fine Art Show, of which Mike and I are co-chairs.  I may not be posting daily, but please check back and see how things are going.  I love doing the small dailies, even when I am occupied with larger works.  I will squeeze them in where I can.


Susan Williamson said...

Wonderful, sensitive piece!

Linda Nickles said...

This is such a tender painting! You've captured a beautiful expression in his eyes, as well as great light.

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