Thursday, February 7, 2013


"Blue Hydrangeas"  Original oil painting  Unframed  6" X 6"

This week's Daily Paintworks challenge, by Jo Mackenzie, instructs us to emulate the style of a DPW artist, whose style we admire.  I immediately thought of Nancy Medina, whose floral paintings are simply stunning!  She is a prolific daily painter whose signature style is florals executed with flair and grace.

I took down my sponge ware pitcher and went to work on this little painting.  I really like the way it progressed and I learned that I really need a synthetic bright to get the brushstrokes she achieves, although I expect even with her "magic" brush, I would have difficulty on a 6" X 6" panel.  All in all, I am very happy with this painting and I may take on the "style" of another DPW artist or two for this challenge.


Barbra Joan said...

Debra yes, this is the sort of painting I was talking about the other night.. outstanding.
I have a blog follower and love her work, it reminds me of the old masters and so does yours. If you want to check her out, here's the addy .

Angela Sullivan said...

Your use of color is so outstanding. Love your blog.

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